I’m sorry

yes I know, I know

get over it now
move on girl, he’s gone
annoying us now
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
you don’t understand
it’s hard
when your heart
is still bleeding inside
I’ve given it time
and taken my space
I’ve pasted a great big smile
on my face
I act like I’m cool
keep calm in the face
but my mind is a dark
and a dismal place
I’ve swept all the corners
knocked down all the webs
scrubbed down with bleach
made up all the beds
and no matter the
laughing and singing I do
I still end up crying
seeing traces of you
fall hard and love harder
a beautiful thing
when it ends with a ring
and not this kind of thing
I’ve long quit trying
to tell myself I don’t care
two seconds away from dying my hair
thought I met the other half of my soul
being with you felt like filling a hole
but it was only a tragically twisted delusion
I forgot you’re a master of shiny illusion
so here I am, another fake smile on my face
while drowning in oceans of infinite hate
I love you
I hate you
I’m glad that you’re gone
but I wish you were here
how did it go so wrong?

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