generational curse

There’s a song ringing in my head
Plays all night as I’m in my bed
Don’t know words to this tune
It comes out with the moon
Like a drunk at the local saloon
What the hell is this song
Off key and the melody wrong
I feel like I’ve heard it before
Behind a locked door
A song that a loner would sing
It must have been in my dreams
When my ancestors speak to me
They whisper softly from rippling streams
I think I remember now
Under a tree, head bowed
Singing this song
All day, and all night long
It was a song of old
A collection of secrets untold
Passed down from parent to child
No words exchanged
Generational truths unfold
Through the actions of life in the home
That song ringing in my head
As I shuffle around in my bed
Is a menace to me
As it’s plain to see
That the habits of old are not dead
Time has come to break the curse
Grab my keys, my coat and my purse
May God’s will be done
As I struggle alone
To rewrite the cursed song

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