Bobo the Fool

I don’t want to spend another night alone
Why did you have to feel so much like home?
I was holding on fine, day after day
And you had to take my peace away
I know you had all kinds of good intentions
But those pave the road directly to hell
If I’d known you’d take me over
I’d have said hello and a prompt farewell
But it’s too late now
The deed is done
And now I’m burning in the sun
Watching the sky for signs of rain
Looking for something to cool the pain
You burn my eyes and fry my brain
Break my heart again and again
But still I love you
When you make me cry
I love the way you continually lie
Castles in the sand, pie in the sky
Enough is enough; my eye’s gone dry
Hello coffee, so hot; please meet cream
And stay the hell out of all my nightly dreams
We’re all kinds of wrong
But also right
Things I always get wrong
You always get right
Though I don’t want to spend my life without you
I’m allergic to being Bobo the fool

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