went fishing and caught a shark

hey baby
you don’t know this yet
or maybe you do
but I think I’m in love with you
I didn’t tell you
and I won’t
I’m scared you’ll go away
I heard you say
you’re scared too
and I don’t wanna be without you
this will be my little secret
the things I feel
your eyes and your appeal
your hands on my neck
did not expect
to feel the way I did
son of Zeus
Ares rival
intoxication at best
hey baby
how am I ever going to hide
I can’t look you in the eye
you’ll see how I feel
what I feel for you
I’m almost mad
forbidden fruit
this shit ain’t cute
cast my line
caught the shark
not the fish
I know the ending to all of this
so I’m nipping this bud
killing all the buzz
cuz I can’t be in love with you
I’m gonna smile like I ain’t smiled before
and lie til my nose hits the floor
cuz if the truth comes out you see
I’ll have to leave before you love me
your love would be poison
cuz you won’t stay
and that would take my heart away
you can’t find out what’s up with me
friends is all we can ever be

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