acquired taste

an acquired taste

this i know

don’t take a Bible to tell me so

I laugh all the time

though I’m broken inside

just so people won’t leave me alone

was the girl people said they love

but seemed to hate

‘why can’t she just fall into place?’

tried to play the game best I could

did not know the rules

that everyone else seemed to know

thought that something was wrong with my brain

are they right? I must just be lame

oops my bad

did I make you mad?

I’ll shrink small and just go away

so many years I lived this way

felt like a dud almost every day

then I found out I wasn’t alone

wait, there’s somewhere I can call home?

never knew I had adhd

no idea I had bpd

just found out I’m an aspie too

now I know why I never fit in

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