outside looking in

When you’re on the outside looking in

The one they call ‘out’ while they are in

Trying hard to quench the rage within

With a smile just as fake as tissue is thin

You’ve heard that clouds are silver-lined

But lately the silver’s been hard to find

Your laughter hides the screams inside

You act alive but every night you die

They tell you the key is to simply be you

But being you leaves you hanging without a clue

As to why you’re the odd one in every crew

Or outside the window feeling bad and blue

You’ve followed the rules; you’ve broken them all

But your efforts accomplish nothing at all

You’re that girl walking solo at the mall

Or alone in the park watching all the leaves fall

No bubble left to pop; stabbed by every pin

Is it punishment for some past, forgotten sin?

From dusk to dawn, and back again

You’re still on the outside, looking in.

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