my heart longs for you
there’s a peace your presence brings
I want to hear your voice again
it makes me want to sing
sometimes I think back to that day
and wonder why we met
if it was only going to end
in silence and regret
I wish you’d make it known
exactly where you stand
I know you love to roam
just let me hold your hand
it’s no secret that I love you
except maybe to you
but I fear to call and tell you
I hate looking like a fool
the honest truth is
you are hard to read
can’t tell if you’re mad
do you even bleed?
how are you so warm
and yet so cold
always in control
but that is you
and not quite me
I am aflame
my days are chill
my nights are cold
the silent game
is getting old
there was a spark
then there was a flame
you snuffed it out
I took the blame
I walked away
you pulled me back
my walls were up
cut me some slack
but then there we were
face to face
eye to eye
couldn’t run that time
thought my head would burst
looked like you’d been cursed
I left my heart on some old train tracks
and your shell started showing the cracks
and here we are
back to square one
not at ease
but no intention to run
there are these ties between our souls
what to do next? nobody knows
I’ll keep on watching you from afar
and you’ll wonder why we’re where we are
when I’m down, I think of your smile
the way you laugh
the way you are
do you think of me sometimes too?
or is my fate especially cruel?
I promise this isn’t a passing phase
you bewitch me with your gaze
with you I feel soft and safe
warm and cozy
and I just want to know how I feel to you

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