insensitive flex

it weighs on my chest
offers me no rest
I know I am blessed
to breathe one more breath
but my heart draws nearer and nearer to death
to you it seems I’m six shades obsessed
your eyes say more, your tongue says less
genuine fear or insensitive flex
take my house of cards and shuffle the deck
you can’t even weather the smallest storm
quick to run cold, no care to be warm
ring the alarm, sound the battle horn
one of us is leaving torn and forlorn
and of course it’s going to be me
dreamer of every thing that could be
a lover of love, eternally
romantic at heart, quite hopelessly
the hole in my heart is killing me
you looked then threw away the key
I see how it is, count one two three
I’ll be gone going gone like a genie
Don’t worry about how to deal with me
Before long you won’t even remember me

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