ode to adhd

woke up screaming once again
demon riot in my head
am I fighting them or is the demon me?
better look into philosophy
for an answer
or a really good theory
thought they were dead
at least that’s what my therapist said
they cut me loose
and called a truce
I think they just got tired of me
run don’t walk
you’ll lose your spot
or maybe that was just a thought
can’t remember what I tried to say
or if I slept since yesterday
I’m tangled in a web of lies
mixed my hellos with my goodbyes
when I read the words they look like ants
and feel like they’re really in my pants
I need to move, to switch it up
books hurt my head, got me fucked up
tried waking straight A scholar me
but I pulled a clown right out of me
I looked inside but couldn’t see
what the heck it is that’s wrong with me
I’m out of promises
can’t live on prayers
still in a hurry to get things done
but can’t decide on just which one
when I love what I do I can do it forever
novice today, tomorrow ten times better
but I try to function on a normal day
and I’d rather peel my skin away
but I do it anyway
to prove I’m just as smart
even if i don’t fit in any part
of my world
the way it is

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