floating through the ocean of my mind
I broke my own heart 1000 times
thought I mattered to those I held close
though nothing suggested they cared for me
always fool myself with this philosophy
blood means bond; water purity
don’t know why I felt they’d believe in me
look past flaws and into the heart of me
why do that for an anomaly?
she’s not fun, so die… basically
they think I’m a waste just don’t want to say it
but forget that words are not all I can read
I was cursed with the curse of ESP
I know when people don’t want me
But each time I die I come back stronger
I’ve burnt down before and grown back again
it’s time to go, take the path to who knows where
just as long as I get the hell out of here
follow your heart, find your tribe
that’s what the old folk say
don’t stand in quicksand
you’ll pass away
maybe so many things are wrong with me
but I’m alive and have every right to be
so despite the tears pouring out of me
I must search for the place I’m meant to be

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