the way I rhyme

they complain\
all the time\
about the way that I rhyme\
always darkness\
and sad kinda vibes\
they say\
write about roses\
and ocean waves\
make us feel good\
they pray\
hoping to silence me\
I write\
but not for jest\
my rhymes\
are not for fun\
they are how I run\
from the demons inside\
and how I cope\
with the tears in my eyes\
because there is no one to listen\
they are mute\
when I speak\
not even a peep\
I have broken the law of the land\
hide the pain\
keep it vain\
don’t be such a lame\
or be cut from the roster of love\
so cut me\
I swear\
I barely care\
fake fans mean nothing to me\
the words that I bleed\
are helpful to me\
and keep me insanity free

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