six sides of me

goddammit man
I’m over it
they always got something to say
be more this and less of that
give me rules while following none
oh I’m the drag? you killed the buzz
like I’m not supposed to have fun
see ya tomorrow, forgot yesterday
sleep til noon like a fat ass cat
turn off my feels right off the bat
I’m not having the bullshit today
guess I could listen but I am done
give me goosebumps like old peach fuzz
I’m bout that lux
doing what I gotta do to level up
even if it takes me long
pushing forward never back
even if my method’s wrong
I’ll get right back on track
just you wait and see
I got layers to all six sides of me
roll the dice, my blind mice
got all kinds of abilities
my favorite is disappear
I hate when they get too near
can feel their breath down in my ear
nose in my hair
picking at every part of me
y’all can’t kick my spirit out of me
cuz we’re symbiotic you see
keep talking that shit that you wanna talk
watch my ass swing left right when I walk
ain’t got time for you or your opinions
gotta make hay while the sun still shines
if I take my eye off the goal for a second
the haters will rob me blind
but I’ve got a quick mind
no chance for their kind
it’s a game that two can play

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