Beautiful feelings
Hung on for dear life
Now I’m reeling
I’m hurting
I know you’re trying
I don’t mean to weigh you down
It feels like I’m dying
I’m crumbling
It’s not your fault
It’s been a long time coming
Locked up in a vault
Now outpouring
I want to run far
Pressure soaring
Need my getaway car
Rain is falling
I’m drowning inside
Demons calling
I have to hide
Bury the past
Told myself the lies
Tore off the cast
They flooded my eyes
I’m not well
Curled up on the floor
I’m in hell
Or at its door
Thought I had healed
Felt free at last
New page peeled
Free from the past
Baby forgive me
I had on a mask
Feel so damn silly
Don’t even ask

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