a black woman’s smile

Bronzed, she glistens in the sunlight
Salt droplets roll down her high cheeks
He noticed her luscious lips quiver
Says “I’ll not leave you, ever”
And she smiles
Oh, look at that smile
A black woman’s smile
Sight seldom seen
Like rain in the desert
More precious than gold
Because of those who distress her
Perplex her
Kill her sons before her
Make her daughters to suffer
She hides her teeth with her fingers
But he takes her by the hand
And lingers
“Smile, my queen,
I’m here now”
She sighs and tries
With tears in her eyes
The pain returns like it always does
When a black woman smiles
Eye of a storm
Foxhole in battle
Beautiful, warm; lasts only a while
She must walk alone, be strong and brave
Or so they told her
So her smiles had fallen and faded away
But now she can smile
She has her protector
Her king has risen up to defend her
So she can smile once again

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