miss sunshine

miss sunshine
that’s what they call me
I bring them smiles
they bring me pain
again and again
I play the fool
acting the joker
making them laugh
while they make me cry
miss sunshine
that’s how they view me
their voice of hope
a shelter in storm
soft and so warm
it must be the norm
to suck me dry
like some newborn pups
enough is just never quite enough
because that is my fate
my function
the role for which I was born
be the comedian
and a chameleon
to be firm as a rock
yet soft as a kitten
miss sunshine
a sorry misnomer
behind my smile is nothing but pain
a thousand trips down memory lane
against my will
resisting pills
pushing through the smoke
cutting through the haze
I create
from all the 420 I ate
and burned
til my eyes glowed red
and my mind left my head
body glued to my bed
wiping tears from my eyes
asking why it’s so hard to die

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