letter to my long lost lover

You knew me better than I knew myself

From my crown to the toes on my feet

Could not see me, but you knew when I cried

You knew each time I forgot to eat

Never cared about things being bought

I tend to fall in love with thoughts

The handsome go grey, beauty fades

But the heart stays the same till it stops.

My laughter confuses so many

But you saw through my faulty disguise

Gave two cents, a thought for a penny

Left me speechless with wide open eyes

I am not one to regret things in life

Choices are gone once they have been made

In a dream I saw the forthcoming strife

Killed the poisoned egg that was laid

The right thing often feels so wrong

And the wrong masquerades as right

But I’d be lying if I said I don’t long

To feel once more like somebody’s type

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