the clown

it is what it is I always say

this time I’ll just fade away

if I’m wrong, so long,

if I’m right I’m still wrong

doesn’t matter, whichever which way

there’s a reason for the mile-high mountain of bricks

they kick it and say, damn girl, you ain’t slick

the truth becomes known, she’s sent to a zone

lower than all they call their own

God forbid I should ever be human

let the mask slip for even a second

I’m not welcome to stay

I should go away

for straying from the almighty script

at this point there’s no type of fixing it

Just gotta go back, re-encrypt

and this time i pray

to have the key thrown away

so my heart can stay out of it

live and let live, understanding for all

the way I always done lived

but when my nerves are frayed

and I cry from the pain

I’m hushed with the end of a shiv

I’m sorry, i’m sorry

I was out of line

forgot; ain’t a somebody in this timeline

I’ll go back in my cage

play the clown all day

and dance down the shaft of a stick

oops, what’d you say?

no need for display?

be a jester for your private soiree?

and when the curtains close

and the droplets flow

yeah, sure, I’ll turn the other way

there are voices sounding in my ear

I can’t get them to shut up and stop

yelling here, there and everywhere

clocks going tick tick tickety tock tock

there’s too much going on all up in here

something’s bound to bloat up and  pop

I’m just trying to keep my conscience clear

and keep this here heart on lock

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